Game Rules

House Rules

Hello and welcome to The Arena 149. 
First and foremost, full face protection must be worn at all times while inside the arena. Visitors or players wanting to spectate can collect safety eye protection and a visitor vest from the reception. All playing players must wear suitable full face protections that are specifically designed for Airsoft or paintball. Players wearing only safety glasses will not be permitted to play without a lower mesh mask or a covered soft or hard shell face mask. Full face protection can be hired at the reception. Take note, players found shooting at spectators in the watch tower will be removed from the game without refund.
In the event that yours or someone else’s safety is compromised, an eyes call must be given.
When you hear this call “EYES” all players must loudly repeat the eyes call, cease fire and wait for the DS to give further instruction.
Players are not allowed to use name or racial calling remarks, verbal or physical abuse against another player or the DS. You are not allowed to touch another player’s equipment without their express permission. Players found to have broken any of these rules may be banned for up to 3 months or indefinitely.
A player is considered hit as soon as a bb strikes any part of their body that includes hits on your gun, parts of your equipment, or anything else you are carrying… they all count. Friendly fire isn’t friendly and also counts as a hit.
When you are hit, you must call out “HIT” loud enough for the players who shot you to hear. While eliminated, you must walk and place your hand high in the air and not talk or communicate to other live players. No player is allowed to fire upon an eliminated player.  If an eliminated player is in your line of sight, let them pass first.
If you are unhappy with another player’s actions or attitude, or found another player to break any of the rules, please call for the DS during or after the game or speak to the Arena receptionist. You are not to approach the player and take the matter in your hands.
The DS may sort the issue out straight away, or mark a complaint against that player’s number.
Any player with 4 complaints against them will receive a punishment award. Generally, a punishment will be a firing squad, made up of every other player. If a player refuses to accept the punishment, they may be banned from Arena 149 for at least one month.
If a player is found to have purposefully fired at any lights or windows, will be asked to pay a fine of $100 to fix the damages caused, and may be banned indefinitely. Please do not alter any part of the field. Do not move barricades, open or close doors, turn on or off lights, or use any props which are not part of the game being played.
All guns must transported safe and responsible manner while outside of the building. Specifically, they must be concealed from public view inside their original shipping box, or other suitable gun case. Players found carrying their weaponry without proper coverage out the building will receive the firing squad AND A WARNING as reward.
All guns must be registered and chronographed prior to the game. The maximum weight of 0.25 grams and 6mm bb’s are only allowed to be used in our Arena. Bio or biodegradable BB's are NOT PERMITTED. A 370 FPS limit will be strictly enforced on 0.20 grams. Please ensure your weapons are firing at less than this limit, otherwise you will not be allowed to use this weapon in the game. Any modifications made to increase the FPS after it has been chronographed, will result in your immediate and permanent removal from the game.
Any player may request the DS to chronograph another player’s weapon if they feel the FPS limit is being breached.
Please note: players under the influence of any alcohol or drug will not be permitted to play. This can be a serious offense and they can be liable for conviction for imprisonment for a term up to 3 months or receive a fine of $4000 or receive both.  (Arm Act 1983, section 47)
Blind Firing, jump shooting and shooting through small gaps:
Blind firing, jump shooting and shooting through small gaps that are smaller than your head are not allowed.
Bang Kill:
In order to perform a Bang kill you must have a loaded weapon that allows you to take the shot if necessary. Your weapon must be directed towards the player and you must call out “BANG”. The Bang kill can only be given from behind a player within 1 meter of muzzle length. The player’s Bang kill must be loud enough for both players to hear. If you are the target of a bang kill, you must accept it. The Bang kill does not apply if your weapon is not loaded or if the player’s gun is sticking out on the side of the wall or a barricade. You can only use a gun for a bang kill. Players running or further than 1 meter, the bang kill does not apply to them. If you have an issue or do not fully understand this rule, bring it up with the DS.
Please use the Bang kill rule and do not shoot intentionally players in the head
Face To Face:
When two players run into each other with their guns raised at each other, they are considered both dead even if no one does make an action first.
Ricochet hits do count if they come off a shallow angle, as it is difficult to tell if it was a straight shot or not.
No unauthorized equipment is allowed.
Players may not bring in restricted equipment deemed unsafe by the DS. This includes real firearms, metal knives, steel and glass BB’s, explosive or pyrotechnic devices, smoke, Hakkotsu thunder co2 or stun grenades. If you are unsure, please check with the DS first.
Special Rules to be explained upon request:
Handheld bb grenades have a range of 5 meters. When a BB grenade explodes; it fires 200 BB in all directions (360 degrees).  Within this range, all players are HIT. If you are in doubt, take the benefit of the doubt and call HIT. Handheld bb grenades must be thrown under the shoulder height. Taking cover behind a wall or a barricade protects you from being HIT with a grenade. Only 6mm plastic bb grenades can be used in the Arena.
Grenade launcher shells have a range of 5 meters within this range, all players are HIT. The grenade launcher shells can hold from 30 to 200 BB’s and does not cover the 360 degree angles like the BB handheld grenades.
Knife kills and Kunai or Ninja throws:
Players may eliminate other players with a rubber or plastic knife. Hand to hand combat is not allowed inside the Arena. If a knife touches any part of the player’s body, they are considered eliminated. Knives or other items intended for a knife kill must be approved by the DS before the game. Throwing ninja stars or kunai can be used during games only if they have been approved by the DS before the game. Such equipment must be soft and rubbery not heavy and hard. The maximum distance for these projectiles to be thrown is 5 meters under shoulder height.
Ammo is loaded into the magazine through the latch at the top near the back.
Players are not allowed to collect BB’s off the ground to use; this can cause damages and malfunctions to the rental guns. Any rental malfunctions during the game, players can seek assistance at the Reception.
On the bottom of the magazine, is a windy wheel. It only goes one way: forward.  This is what loads the BB’s out of the magazine and into your gun. Do not load the magazine into the gun while inside the lobby area. Please wait until you get inside the arena.
If your rental gun jams during the game, your gun may have the option to switch to full automatic. Switching to full automatic can be used to unjam your rental gun, the instructions are: direct your gun in a safe direction while calling loudly “UNJAMMING”. While unjamming your gun, you cannot direct your gun towards another player. A player found using burst or full automatic during the game may be removed from the game.
Remember, every time you remove the magazine, there may still be a few rounds left inside the gun. Clear your gun by firing two to three times in a safe direction before exiting the arena.
When you’re ready to re-enter the game, enter the arena and close the door behind you. You are considered eliminated, so return to your base and respawn from there.
All equipment has an ID number, and you are responsible for the one you are issued.
Please return all equipment to the reception once you have finished.
Please do not damage any of the equipment, as you will be asked to pay a $100 Fine for the repairs.