Arena 149


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This is to secure you slot for the Battle Royale game on the 12th of May 2018 from 7-10PM

Please keep a copy of the confirmation email you are sent for entry on the day.

Game rules will be explained fully on the day. In the mean time you can view the information below.

Game Information: 

Players will be supplied all necessary equipment for this event.

Including - 

  • Face protecton
  • Body Armour
  • BB's
  • Airsoft guns

You will not be permitted to use any of your own Airsoft guns, body armour etc. You may use your own face protection and gloves if you so wish however.

Battle Royale Game Concept

Players are free for all. There are no teams and no one starts with a weapon, they must find weapons and items throughout the arena. The winner is the last person alive.

Players start the match in designated areas throughout the Arena that are marked by a square on the ground with a number. Players will pick a card at random and whatever number is on the card is the number of the starting square they will start from.

Player count will be 20 people per round, rounds will last a maximum of 20 minutes. Players will be split into two groups of 20 each. One group will be playing a round while the others are taking a break. There will be a map on the wall in the lobby with the locations of the squares to make finding them easier. Upon a whistle players will be able to leave their square and begin the match. 

Normal arena rules apply for all engagements except for that when a player is hit they must place their weapons and equipment (If they have any) gently on the ground and proceed to the exit to await the next round. Normal dead man rules apply.

Every 5 minutes certain areas of the Arena will become out of bounds. A warning whistle and call will sound and players will have 30 seconds to evacuate the closing areas. If they do not vacate them within 30 seconds they are automatically assumed dead and must proceed to the exit. Eventually the play area will shrink down to a small portion of the field in order to force engagements and finish the round.


There will be series of Airsoft weapons and items hidden/placed throughout the field. They will range from rifles, pistols and melee weapons (I.e. Rubber knives, foam weapons etc. Guns will have a random amount of limited ammo, more ammo can be found in the form of small BB bags or magazines that are already loaded. 

You must possess a weapon in order to eliminate and opponent

Healing Items

    There will a series of healing items throughout the field that players can find as well. These are as follows.

    • First aid kits - 2 uses
    • Bandages – 1 use
    • Energy Drinks – 1 use

    In order to use any of the above items the player must show it to the opposing player who tagged them and head to the nearest MED ZONE (RED SQUARE) apply the red armband from the item and then head back into the field. Players may only use armbands once each.

    Body Armour

    There will be body armour throughout the field in the form of vests and helmets. If a player who is wearing one of these items is tagged then they are granted an extra life. They need to head to the nearest Medic Zone, remove the article and leave it in the box there. Players are not permitted to remove any body armour from a Medic Zone box. If someone is caught doing this they will be removed from the field immediately. In the case that a player is wearing both a helmet and a vest then they just need to remove one article. The other item counts as another life. Players can only wear one helmet and one vest maximum at all times.

    General Notes:

    Upon the match completion players will be required to hand in any weapons or items before exiting the arena, no items will be allowed to be taken out of the arena. If they have used any red armbands then they will need to be handed in as well.

    Players cannot carry more than one rifle, one SMG/shotgun and one pistol at one time.

    There is no limit to the amount of equipment a person can carry, Backpacks can be found throughout the arena to increase their carrying capacity.


    Arena Zones

    There will be 3 stages of areas closing: These will close off in sequence every 5 minutes. There is a 30 second warning for the closing of the areas. Any player remaining in the area after it is closed is automatically eliminated.

    • Stage 1 will be the closing of upstairs (un-pictured)
    • Stage 2 will be the closing of the Areas marked in Blue
    • Stage 3 will be the closing of the Areas marked in Green and Red
    • Final stage is the Area marked in Orange

      Medic Zones

    There will be 5 Medic Zones for use of Special Items. These are marked by a red cross on the map (Upstairs Medic Zone is un-pictured). It will be marked on the ground by a red square with a cross in the middle. Example below.

    Players need to apply the red armband from their item and leave the empty item at the Medic Zone. They then have a 10 second immunity that they need to countdown loudly. If they are using the Medic Zone for their Body Armour extra life then the same procedure as above is followed except they must leave the article of Body Armour at the Medic Zone instead. There is no rule against camping or guarding Medic Zones. Use them at your own risk!